Wide Format Editions

Wide Format Editions
Quality Giclee Prints, Numbered & Signed by James Marsh
Printed on Heavyweight Matt, Fine Art Paper; each print comes with a self adhesive authentication certificate (unframed)
All these images are on A2 length (25.5 x 59.4 cm) paper size, in Editions of 20 only – Priced £149 each (incl. Postage ww)
© to images remains property of the artist

These images have the same dual themes –
of a declining fishing industry, alongside disappearing craft skills, and traditional work tools;
all being affected by technology, mass-production and the depletion of natural resources.


‘On The Edge’ – A2 length signed Edition


‘The Edge’ – A2 length signed Edition


‘Carpenter Saw-Fish’ – A2 length signed Edition

‘Saw-Fish’ is both a visual & verbal pun, presented as a museum artifact;
Just where you would expect to find curiosities and extinct things.
My intention was to draw a parallel between endangered species and mans evolution,
where old trades & skills are becoming rarities in today’s technological society.


About Giclee Prints
All images are optimised for hi-quality print reproduction and exclusively produced on heavyweight matt, Art-Paper,
printed using Epson’s latest Archival ink Technology:
The inks are pigment based, waterproof, highly UV resistant & have the manufacturers print permanence rating Guarantee of:
160 yrs framed with UV filter, 82 yrs displayed under glass, 200 yrs dark storage stability.