2022 Creates Ukraine charity NFT for UNHCR via Hypergallery & MusicArt

2021 4th Artist Edition Book ‘Wild at Heart’ – ‘ArtyType’ edition – UK

2021 Launches ‘Talkware’ website featuring JM Talk Talk art on Merchandise
2020  Launches Eco-Centric website Kookyzoo featuring JM art & design
2020  3rd Artist Edition book ‘Eco Worrier‘ – ‘ArtyType edition – UK

2019 ‘Sounds & Vision’ – Test Pressing magazine feature on JM’s career – Ibiza Publications
2019  Southbank Centre event, Royal Festival Hall – ‘A Celebration of Talk Talk’ – London UK

2019  Launches series of Ltd Edition album cover Art Prints with Hypergallery – London UK
2019  Creates Eco Warrior video to help raise awareness & funding for Greenpeace – UK
2019 ‘Spirit of Talk Talk’ Book, co-authored 3rd edition – Rocket 88 Essential Publishing – UK
2018 ‘Cover Star’ feature, ‘Long Live Vinyl’ mag. No.21  – Anthem Publishing, UK – read here
2017  2nd Artist Ltd. Edition Book release – ‘ABC Animal Verse‘ – ‘ArtyType project – UK
ABC Book mockup
2017  Cover Our Tracks – Online Interview with Lara Kristin Herndon – USA
2017  Selected Works with a Twist, Fine Art Rugs show – Idea Exchange – Ont. Canada
2017  Launches independent Font Foundry Website ‘ArtyType’  for JM Fonts & Editions – UK

ArtyType flag
2016  Creates Ltd. Edition ‘Dylan’ Print to coincide with his Nobel Prize – ‘Hen’s Teeth’ – IRE

2016  Cover artworks Featured in Angela Carter Retrospective Exhibition – RWA Bristol – UK
2016  Creates Garment & Merchandise Range, utilsing abstract art designs – ‘Vida’ – USA
2015  1st Artist Ltd. Edition Book release –  ‘A to Z Animal Verse‘ – ‘ArtyType project – UK
AZ Book mock
2015  ‘Spirit of Talk Talk‘ Book, co-authored Paperback Edition – Rocket 88 – UK
2014  Creates Event branding for 36th Transmusicales Festival – Rennes – France
2014  Publishes 25th ‘ArtyType’ Font Design – Distributed internationally
2013  Creates Event Branding for 35th Transmusicales Festival – Rennes – France
2012  Font Design featured in Computer Arts magazine No. 206 – Future Publishing Ltd – UK
2012  1st. Animation created for ‘Spirit of Talk Talk‘ CD Launch – Fierce Panda Publishing – UK


2012  Featured in 2nd edition of Upon Paper’s A2 Biannual Magazine – Upon Paper – Berlin
2012  Launches set of Fine-Art Edition Screen-Prints – Harwood King Fine Arts Ltd – UK
2012  Creates Event Branding for the 34th Transmusicales Festival – Rennes – France

2012  ‘Spirit of Talk Talk’ co-authored paperback & hardback editions – Essential Works – UK
2012  Inducted into the American – ‘Album Cover Hall of Fame’ –

SOTT deluxe
2011  First garment ranges with JM images in major chain-stores – Softwear Industries – UK
2010  Launches ‘Artytype’ foundry with 3 font designs  – published by ‘Fontworks’ UK Ltd
2010  First set of artworks to be featured on a Credit Card – ‘Cornercard‘ – SwitzerlandC card2009  Begins 4 year assessorship at CSM School of Art & Design – London
2008  Work featured in ‘Design Museum’ retrospective of Alan Aldridge – London
2007  First DVD, collaborating with musicians Turmalin, adapted for live-performance tours
2006  Creates signed Artist Giclee Print series, available exclusively via JM website
2005  1st Prize in ‘Fusion’ Competition – Artists & Illustrators Expo – Bus. Design Ctr. – London


2004  Archival of JM Poster Works – Manchester Metropolitan University – UK
2003  Listed in ‘The Top Ten UK’s Leading Illustrators’ by the Independent Newspaper – UK
2002  Radio Times Award – presented for best selling Cover of all time – London
2002  Relocates from London (after 37 years) to the S. E. Kent Coast.
2001  Chairs ‘AOI’ – before standing down after six years on the Council – London
2000  JM ‘Retrospective’ Exhibition – The Cutter Gallery – Florida – USA

Retrospective Poster

1998  Invited to give Slide-Show Lecture at The Royal Entomological Society – London
1996  Pentagram Gallery – ‘Images 20’ Winners Showcase + Daler Rowney Award – London
1996  Featured in ‘Illustration America’ Book (25 Top Artists) – Rockport/Allworth – USA
1996  Featured in ‘Graphis’ Arts Magazine – No. 302 – USA
1995  Illustration Master-class – Kingston University – London
1994  One Man Show ‘From the Heart’ – Usiskin Gallery – London
1993  Feat. in Poster Exhibition + Book – ‘Private Pursuits & Public Problems’ – RCA – London
1993  Second Book Published – ‘From the Heart’ – Pavilion Books, UK – Dial Books, USA


1993  First of many ‘UNICEF’ Awards – Donating images for Fund-raising Activities – France
1991  Featured in ‘Novum’ Gerbrauchgraphik – No. 8 – Germany –  read feature here
1991  Feature + Cover – ‘Communication Arts’ Mag. – No. 5/6 – USA –  read feature here
1991  First Book Published – ‘Bizarre Birds & Beasts’ – Pavilion Books, UK – Dial Books, USA


1990/91  ‘The Illustrator & the Environment’ Art for Survival, UN & Earth Island Institute
– – –  Exhibition – Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration – NY – USA
1990  Curates ‘Green Pieces’ – Environmental Exhibition – Fouts & Fowler Gallery – London

2 posters

1989/90  ‘Six of the Best’ Tour, England, Scotland & Wales – Welsh Council for Higher Ed.
1989  Featured in ‘Step By Step Graphics’ – Dynamic Graphics Inc. – USA
1989  Feature in ‘Print Casebooks’ 8, the Best in Covers & Posters – RC Publications Inc – USA
1988  Time Magazine ‘Covers’ Exhibition – The Smithsonian Institute – NY – USA
1988  Feature + Cover – ‘Design Journal’ – No. 10 – Korea
1988  Feature + Cover – ‘Hot Graphics International’ – No. 1 – London – read feature here

napoleon mag

1987/88  The Art of the Beatles – Ex. & Book – Walker Gallery, Liverpool – UK & Japan Tour

beatles art

1987  Save the Children Fund ‘Inheritance’ Exhibition including Edition Prints – London
1986  2nd Gold Disc from EMI – 100,000 copies sold of Talk Talk’s ‘Colour of Spring’ – London
2 Gold discs
1985/86  ‘From Caxton to Chloe’ – World Touring Exhibition – The British Council – UK
1984  Featured in ‘The Art of the Beatles’ – Anthony Blond/Merseyside County Council – UK
1984  Winner of Nat. Magazine Awards for ‘Saturday Night’ Magazine, Cover & Feature – CA

SN mag

1982  Creates Concept for Talk Talk’s debut Album, remaining the bands artist until their split

TT cover

1982  First appears in ‘Who’s Who in Graphic Art’ – Graphis Press – Zurich, Switzerland
1981  Creates 1st Illustrated Covers for ‘Connoissuer’, the Antique Collectors Magazine. – UK

con mag

1981  Feature + Cover – ‘Novum’ Gebrauchgraphik – No. 8 – Germany – read feature here

Novum mag

1980  Featured in ‘Graphics World’ – No. 10 – London
1980  First of many International Covers for ‘Time’ Magazine – USA

Time Mags

1979  Ed. of 6 Porcelain Plates ‘The Legend of King Arthur’ – L’Atelier Ed. + Am-Ex – France
1978  Feature + Cover – Graphis – No. 199 – The Graphis Press – Switzerland – read feature

plate & mag

1977  1st One-Man-Show + 2 Fine-Art Edition Prints – Windsor & Eaton Gallery – Windsor – UK
1976  Worlds of Fantasy Calendar – Heralds the beginning of Solo Freelance career

1974  Founder member in establishing the ‘Association of Illustrators’ – London
1969  Establishes Design & Illustration Studio – ‘Head office’ (disbanded in 1977) – London

book & mags

1968  Joins Alan Aldridge forming ‘Ink Studios’, work Feat. in the ‘Beatles Illustrated Lyrics’,
– – –  on Andy Warhol’s ‘Chelsea Girls’ poster & Jan. Cover of ‘Nova’ magazine – London

AA studio

1967  Appointed Studio Manager of ‘Decca Records’ Art Dept. – London
1966  First job – Junior Designer at ‘Pye Records’ Art Dept. – London
1965  Awarded the National Diploma in Design plus Y.C.F.E. Diplomas in Design, Display &
– –    Advertising (Distinctions) – Batley College of Art & Design, Yorkshire – UK


James Marsh has attained international status as a highly acclaimed Illustrator & Designer, as well as being an accomplished Artist & Author amongst other capabilities.
After graduating with a National Diploma in Design, his first job was in Pye Records art department, swiftly moving to Decca Records, being elevated to Studio Manager status before joining Alan Aldridge under the collective name of ‘Ink Studios’.  There he collaborated on high profile projects, from ‘The Beatles illustrated lyrics’ to Andy Warhol’s ‘Chelsea Girls’ poster, showcasing his model making skills (featured in ‘The Design Museum’ retrospective 2008-9).  This 2 year grounding became the basis for launching his own very successful studio ‘Head Office’, co-founded with RCA graduate John Farman, from 1968-76, before moving on to a solo career.

Since then, his Art has been used consistently throughout the Advertising, Publishing & Editorial industries, on anything from Posters & Packaging to Books & Magazine Covers, including – Time, Omni, Radio Times, Observer, Hot Graphics, Communication Arts, Graphis & Novum.  He’s been featured in most leading Graphic Arts magazines & annuals, winning numerous awards both at home and abroad.  Over the years he’s published several books and illustrated covers for many varied authors such as –  Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carol, Salman Rushdie, Angela Carter, Carlos Castaneda, Erica Jong. William Trevor, Doris Lessing, John Banville, William Goldman, Howard Jacobson, Keith Waterhouse, Robert Nye, Chaucer, Ross Macdonald, Idries Shah, Philip Norman, Shakespeare, Leonard Sciascia, Kurt Vonnegut, Byron, J G Ballard & more.

From the ‘70s James has worked globally for many major companies including – Air Canada, British Rail, British Airways, London Transport, National Express, Bull, B.P. Bata, TDK, IBM, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, General Motors, Courvoisier, The Royal Mail, Seattle Opera Co. EMI, Polydor, Sony, Imax, Time Inc., Times Newspapers, Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Random House… Also producing album covers for Jamiroquai, Steeleye Span, Gerry Rafferty, Kirsty MacColl, Erazure, plus a wealth of other talented musicians, but he’s probably best known for collaborating with the seminal ‘80s band Talk Talk, creating all their iconic album covers & posters throughout their illustrious career.

He is a founder member of the Association of Illustrators and has lectured on his work in the U.S.A. Canada & the U.K.  His paintings hang in Public & Private Collections throughout the World.  In 2002 James moved from London to his “perfect working environment” on the UK’s S. E. Kent Coast, when in 2003 the Independent Newspaper named him in “The Top Ten Leading British Illustrators”.

Constantly evolving, he’s been creating personal abstract paintings, reliefs & collage prints since the mid ‘90s with a view to fine-art, combining these aesthetics with digital technology and an instinctive design sense have produced original & exciting results, not immediately associated with the name.  This combination is ideally suited for creative clients within the music industry.  “I seem to have come full circle really, gravitating to my designer roots, although, I like to think of it as an ever expanding circle”.