Relief Work

Relief Construction Collage work
Created for the Folkestone ‘Salt Festival’ 2015
The theme for this event was ‘Living on the Edge’, Alluding to the coast.

The figurative profile is made out of rejected objects, beach-combed from the local beaches;
the main concept here was to draw parallels with our ‘throw-away-society’ and the human condition



‘Jetsam’ – Original artwork
60 x 60 cm – Mixed media on relief panel



Jetsam print
Edition print, based on the original relief artwork above
‘Jetsam’ –  size- 40 x 40 cm

Edition Giclee Prints
Numbered, Titled & Signed by James Marsh

Printed on Heavy Weight Matt, Fine Art Paper; each print comes with a self adhesive authentication certificate (unframed)
This image is on 40 x 40 cm paper size, in Editions of 20 only – Priced £149 each  (incl. Postage ww)
© to images remains property of the artist