‘Peace Piece’

This first edition of 100 NFTs has been published in response to the current situation in Ukraine.
James Marsh was inspired to create this ‘Peace Piece’ incorporating the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

All proceeds from the primary sale of these NFTs will go towards UNHCR,
the UN Refugee Agency who are offering life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes.

“I wanted to create an image that would speak for the Ukrainian Crisis in a simple, direct way.
I felt intuitively that the best message to convey would be one of peace, as opposed to one of war, which has subsequently transpired.
Also from a language perspective, I imagined that a poster without words would be the most apt, internationally.
A dove and the Ukrainian flag livery says it all to me, and I trust anyone seeing it gets the same vital message.“
James Marsh.

These truly on-chain digital collectibles will be sold exclusively by MusicArt, the only planet-friendly NFT platform where music art reigns supreme.
To purchase yours, simply click here to purchase direct and choose your preferred number.

Released as a first edition of 100 NFTs, collectors purchasing one of these have the exclusive opportunity to exchange for a limited edition print
if they would prefer to own a physical representation of the image.
The prints will be Archival Inkjet (Giclée) on A3+ paper, published by Hypergallery, signed by Marsh and numbered as NFT [ _ ]/100.
The corresponding NFT will be burned upon exchange.

Prints signed by: James Marsh
Image size: 11.5 x 16.5 inches / Paper size: 13 x 19 inches

To purchase in GBP select your chosen number or range of numbers and checkout here at Hypergallery.
You will then be supplied with a redemption code and email instructions for how to retrieve your NFT at MusicArt.io.
If you have any questions about the process don’t hesitate to get in touch in advance of purchase.