‘Storybook’ is a friendly informal script with rounded features and a generous x-height for enhanced legibility.
This distinctive italic typeface comes in three weights, bridging the gap between traditional scripts & contemporary hand-written styles;
it adapts to a nostalgic or classic purpose whilst retaining a modern feel simultaneously.
The font lends itself to subject matters like childrens’ books, literature projects & even speech bubbles in equal measure.
The glyph palette boasts an extended European character set, plus a well considered series of swash alternates, instantly transforming the texts when applied.

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Storybook Banner

Storybook Light

‘Storybook Light’ default Character set above


Compendium 3 weights



Storybook Regular

‘Storybook Regular’ default Character set above


Storybook 3a





Storybook Alts

Storybook Alt & Swash characters above, applicable for all weights


Storybook magritte

Storybook Regular banners above & below



Storybook Bold

‘Storybook Bold’ default Character set above; bold banner example below


Memorandum Bold 2


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