US indie funk-rock band ‘ISHI’
‘Ishi’ derives from the Native American Indian Tribe, maintaining a strong faith in Mysticism.
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Digital Wounds final

‘Digital Wounds’
2013 CD & Vinyl cover with a Mind-Body-Spirit theme
4 panel Digipack Layout below, minus the accompanying 6 panel insert


ISHI DW digipack

Disc design below – Positioned bottom right on the Digipack layout above




DQ disc

Disc design above – for single package below


DQ single Front Page

‘Disco Queen’  – 2012 EP cover design above – Image based on a Mirrorball
5 varied Remix Tracks  – 4 panel Digipack layout below
         Soundcloud link  –

Disco Queen layout


ishi CD 10

Cover design –  ‘Through the Trees’, 2010
4 panel Digipack layout below – Music Genre – Folktronic


Through the Trees Digipack


Make it 1

Make it Records logo above
Created for ishi-indi-releases



ishi CD 5 channels 2

Ishi Single – ‘Shake your Dandelion’ Remix:
Designed to compliment the CD ‘Through the Trees’ above
Soundcloud Link  –

Ishi EP juno vinyl

12″ vinyl sleeve layout – ‘Juno’, 5 track EP, 2016 release above
Album cover ‘Galaxy Child’ 2017 below:


Dreaming 1