Illustrated Albums

A miscellaneous selection of illustrated albums by various artists:


Gerry Rafferty Album

Gerry Rafferty – ‘Right Down the Line’, 1989


‘Red Willow’ 2021 – 2nd album by American singer songwriter Michael Hays


Motoharu Sano CD Box Set

‘The Golden Ring’ – Motoharu Sano & the Heartland, 1994
5 CD Box-Set for Famous Japanese Rock Band


The Boys of the lough album, 1979 – ‘The Piper’s Broken Finger’


Erazure – Xmas album ‘Crackers International’ 1988 – Cover featuring a requested Pastiche of a classic Russian painting.
‘Part 2’ contains remix’s of the album tracks – Cover featuring a nostalgic Xmas scene, chosen from my archives.



‘Brazillian Rhythms’ – Baden Powell Guitar, 1976


Medium Fruit Single 2

Subsurfing – ‘Medium Fruit’
Vinyl single cover design


Frozen Ants

Subsurfing – ‘Frozen Ants’ album
Ambient Dub Music, Japan – CD Cover & Disc designs shown


Steeleye Span, double compilation album, ‘Portfolio’ 1988 – Cover & gatefold spread shown


‘Keats’ eponymous prog-rock album, 1984, featuring Colin Blunstone of  ‘Zombies’ fame;
part of the ‘Alan Parsons Project’.


Tropical Brainstorm CD

Kirsty MacColl – ‘Tropical Brainstorm’ original album cover art;
An alternative tropical sea & sky B/G was also created, the same flying fish being comped in afterwards.