Paul Melia

Various Music Projects for the Irish singer-songwriter Paul Melia

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Hold on Front CD Format

Paul Melia – ‘Hold Onto the Colours’ – CD cover design
The cover adapts a 1970’s painting, chosen from my stock library by the musician



Hold on... CD Package

4 panel Digipack layout above



Hold on single

‘Hold Onto the Colours’
Single Sleeve – Intended to align with the album above



Miss You rainbow wave

‘Miss You’ – Single from the ‘Colours’ album



Summer in the sand

‘Summer in the Sand’ – EP cover design


Melia Music samples final

‘Melia Music’ Logo
Created for the musicians own Indi-Label
The Koala has personal significance for the artist



Poznan 3

Album cover for collection of personal & intimate songs
The Koala having special resonance with the musician



Moon boy final alt
‘Moons Over Mountains’
2015 Vinyl album cover above
‘Doctor in the Sky’ single from the album below


DITS 12 inch single 1


We Are the Brass Band Rainbows – single release from the MoM album above