Cyclic Display Set

This variety pack contains 4 stylish display fonts, all sharing the same Cyclic family DNA.
Each font shares precisely the same structural template, and yet all of them project a totally new outlook,
each thoughtfully achieved via a few fundamental changes to the established sans serif styling.

All 4 display fonts can be purchased individually, or at a 50% discounted rate for the entire bundle of four.
Also, see Cyclic Sans, Cyclic Serif, Cyclic Elite & Cyclic Uncial for further complementary alternatives.
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• Cyclic Thorny, as the name implies, has pronounced thorns adorning appropriate terminals.




• Cyclic Eclipse creates a bold, contrasting thick & thin aspect to the face.


• Cyclic Elite Bevel has the uprights chamfered internally & externally to create a well rounded & unique look to this versatile reincarnation




• Cyclic Stencil stylishly emulates a utilitarian stencilled font by means of the various gaps scattered throughout most of its characters.



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