Villareal Projects

Music packaging for the UK band ‘Villareal’:


Unravelling digipack 4 cover

 ‘Unravelling’ 2012 CD by Villareal, cover above
4 panel Digipack layout below



Unravelling digipack 4 panel

 Spiral disc below – fits over the tray image on the above Digipack (bottom right)



V4 Disc




Unravelling digipack 1

‘Unravelling’ – 4 track EP release 2012 to promote the 4th album above



Lightning Dept. 2012 Album ‘Things Keep Blowing Up’, cover above
Villareal under a pseudonym, releasing a different style of music
4 panel Digipack layout below, incorporating the plectrum logo, which fuses a lightning bolt into a stylised L







LD Hello Iceberg

Lightning Dept. Album ‘Hello Iceberg’ 2017, cover above
A collection of songs about failed relationships – the Iceberg being a metaphor for disaster
4 panel Digipack layout below