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A selection of individual music projects
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Above – ‘Shelter’ – Vinyl cover design for Norwegian band Laughing Stock – 2023
Below – ‘A New Home’ – single from the album ‘Shelter



‘Thunder in My Soul’ 2022 – Ltd edition, debut album package for singer songwriter Benjamin Gordon Cooper.


‘Glass Citizen’ album cover for singer songwriter Jack Pound, 2021.
JM video for album track ‘Eco Song’ aka the thin green line.



featuring 3 Talk Talk cover versions from the classic ’80’s album ‘It’s My Life’



Talented Polish singer-songwriter Andy Pawlak’s Album cover –
‘One Word of Truth Outweighs the World’
A balanced collection of instrumental & reflective personal songs.

Above, Debut EP ‘Perspective’, vinyl package + labels designed for Dutch group ‘TALKBOX’
Cassette format below, 2021


Harlequin 6

Exclusive Box set & album cover for 60’s-70’s rock band Heads Hands & Feet,
who were the first act to appear on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’.
The title ‘Harlequin’ referencing the recording studio where most of the music was created.