Various Albums

A selection of individual music projects
More to come


‘Glass Citizen’ album cover for singer songwriter Jack Pound.
JM video for album track ‘Eco Song’ aka the thin green line.



featuring 3 Talk Talk cover versions from the classic ’80’s album ‘It’s My Life’



Talented Polish singer-songwriter Andy Pawlak’s Album cover –
‘One Word of Truth Outweighs the World’
A balanced collection of instrumental & reflective personal songs


Above, Debut EP ‘Perspective’, vinyl package + labels designed for Dutch group ‘TALKBOX’


Harlequin 6

Exclusive Box set & album cover for 60’s-70’s rock band Heads Hands & Feet,
who were the first act to appear on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’.
The title ‘Harlequin’ referencing the recording studio where most of the music was created.