Music Logos

‘Logos or Identities’
created for various sectors of the Music Industry



Reveal Records Logo – online banner version above



AT logo

‘Thorn’ Logo above
created for the Portuguese singer-songwriter Andrew Thorn



Rewind Card 3


OVVK  Logo, left
Business card layout, right
designed for the French, government sponsored company ‘OVVK’
whose primary aim is helping musicians publish their work



‘Anagrammofon’ publishing logo for Swedish singer-songwriter Rickard Sjoberg

 Songboy records behance

‘Songboy Records’ logo
Created for the Scottish singer/songwriter Dean Owens’ own indi label






Mot-Mot Logo

for Music Publishing Company
Taking the exotic birds name as the label’s title


Serene Songs logo design above
multipurpose branding use



 Ship in a bottle guitars Alt website header 2

ID for Ship in a Bottle Guitars
Website header above
Front & Back of Business Card shown below


SIABGuitars FRONT    SIABGuitars




Rocqawali rose logo


Rocqawali Logo
Used as the bands ID – their music being a fusion of Sufi & Rock music
The stylised Rose is a religious metaphor symbolising the many layers or levels of the mind

MIR Final

‘Make It Records’ above
Logo for the Band ISHI‘s own indi label





Human Skin 2

‘The Skin We’re In’
Logo incorporating the bands name





Flectone Logo

‘Flecktone’ Logo
Created for indi label ‘Scatter Factory’
multi-purpose usage




VL behance page

‘Venture Lift’ Logo
designed for multi-purpose use on –
Music packaging, Stationary, promotional material etc.





9th Story

‘9th Story Records’ Logo
A stylised bass symbol emulating the No. 9
For Multi-purpose use on Music packaging etc.


‘Reverieme Music Ltd’ Logo
For Multi-purpose use on Music packaging etc.





‘Mind Expansion’ Logo
Created for ‘Fuxa Records’





ISA hummingbird logo
‘ISA’ stylised Hummingbird Logo



JR logo Blue

‘Jayboy Records’
Indi label logo design
colour & B&W versions shown above



FKC logo

‘FKC’ ID for 10th annual music festival 2014
Logo used in various sizes throughout
the image pays homage to traditional Guinee sculpture, whilst incorporating musical elements




Sea Radio Logo

‘Sea Radio’ Logo
designed for multipurpose use


Angel River Records Logo

Logo for Dutch band ‘Talkbox’

‘RRRtist Development’ above – Micro Music Agency ID


Unifony Logo for the Dutch musician Minco Eggersman
The stylised ‘U’ is based on a 3D sound-softening panel used in recording rooms



Pendleton Productions logo
for US musician & composer Philip Pendleton