‘SANZIBAR PRO’ is a Modern, Classically styled typeface with a full range of SWASH character alternatives to choose from;
effectively providing 2 fonts within one.
It also has further extras, in the form of customised ‘ALPHABATS’, designed to divide or embellish text settings.

View & Sample the complete Range, available via  –



S style logo 2b




Sanzibar set

Sanzibar Pro font SET – Alt. characters not shown above




ABC banner 2




Sanzibar swash set

Sanzibar SWASH character set – Not all alt. characters are shown above




To Swash 2



Sanzibar alphabats 2
Sanzibar ALPHABATS – sample banner above



Sanzibar 2 styles
Regular & Swash setting examples







Sanzibar 2 styles bold

Sanzibar Pro Bold – banner showing both styles above
Full Regular character set below

Sanzibar Bold template


Sanzibar flower bold