Rocket Racer

Branding for Rocket Racer Recordings
Created to launch this American recording studio, who’s remit is to record, publish & promote emerging musicians.
The concept evolved from a 1960s metal toy that the owner still covets from his childhood.



RR Recordings landing page 2

Website banner above
The branding utilises two ArtyType fonts  –  ‘Sliced Open’ & ‘Galerie 2’




Rocket Racer Banner card 9a


RR Recordings disc card 3


Rocket Racer Banner card 5

RRR Business cards variations above




Solo Rocket image above
Created for incorporation into various Stationary & Promotional applications



RR Records template crop

RRR Alt Banner above
Welcome or Landing page below


RR Recordings landing page

Micro studio 1

RRRtist Development – Micro Music Agency Logo, above