Reverieme Music

Branding & Music packaging for ‘Reverieme Music Ltd,
Publishing Scottish singer-songwriter Louise Connell’s music projects,
released via her own ‘indie’ record label – ‘9th Story Records’


Large backdrop Stage Banner, designed for Louise Connell’s live performances

Reverieme Music Logo above

9th Story Records logo below
the No. 9 representing a stylised clef symbol


‘Squall’ – 1st in a Trilogy of EP’s 2017
4 panel Digipack layout below, incorporating both logos:


Promo Button-Badge above


‘Echo’ – EP cover  above  2019 – 2nd in the Trilogy series

‘Rale’ – EP cover below 2019 – 3rd in the Trilogy series


EP Trilogy above
‘Squall, Echo, Rale’ EP’s, showing the complete CD styling


‘Rope’ – 2019 single release from the ‘Echo’ EP & Album


‘Careful Unplanned’ – 2019 single release from the ‘Echo’ EP & Album


‘Crossed the Line’ – 2020 single release from the ‘Squall’ EP & Album


‘Squall Echo Rale’ cover design, for 12″ double album + Digipack & boxed set of 3 EP recordings


SER pack-shot, showing both Vinyl & Digipack booklet formats below:

Pledge page link, for music & merchandise:




Below – 2023 EP  ‘Minor Expectations’
from the forthcoming album ‘Clients of Suddenness’ – a fusing of Digital & Analogue technologies.