Ballard Poster Prints

JG Ballard Cover-Art Poster-Prints
as featured on the classic 1980’s series of Paladin books.
All images optimised for Hi-res Giclee print quality.
Each prints is signed by the artist – in editions 0f 50 only
finely printed on textured, heavyweight paper – size 20×16 inches (40x50mm)
£149 each, inclusive of P&P worldwide (unframed).

Ballard ‘Crash’ – Single Print

Ballard ‘High Rise’

Ballard ‘Myths of the Near Future’

Ballard ‘Terminal Beach’

Ballard ‘The Disaster Area’

Ballard ‘The Venus Hunters’

Ballard ‘The Drought’

Ballard ‘Hello America’

Ballard ‘The Crystal World’

Ballard ‘Concrete Island’

Ballard ‘The Day of Forever’

Ballard ‘Deep Ends’ Anthology cover 2023

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All images are optimised for hi-quality print reproduction & exclusively produced on heavyweight matt, Art-Paper,
printed using Epson’s latest Archival ink Technology:
The inks are pigment based, waterproof, highly UV resistant & have the manufacturers print permanence rating Guarantee of:
160 yrs framed with UV filter, 82 yrs displayed under glass, 200 yrs dark storage stability.