TM Festival 36

Branding for the 36th Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France, 2014
Conceptually the image is titled Vibrations – Representing the Mood or Vibe generated at the event between Performers & Audience
Another connection with the visitors was in the form of different coloured Wrist-Bands, for each of the days


TM 36 A Poster

Portrait Poster above
Street Poster display shot below


TM 36 street poster web




TM 36 3x4 poster final

Landscape Poster format above
also adapted for Postcards and Press-Pack, all in pro.



TM 36 CD

CD cover above


TM 36 CD centre credit panel web

Opening centre spread for 8 panel Digipack above  –  Music sampler Disc designs 1 & 2 below


TM 36 disc layouts 2

CD  layouts above
8 Panel Digipack below


8 panel Digipack shot


TM 36 imac screen

VIDEO / ANIMATION – Still from the Video above –
The Video is also used for Stage screen projections in between intervals for the various acts
YouTube promo video, incorporating imagery from the branding –
Adaptation of TM 36 branding for music promo by Gilles Gonon –


B&W Rennes
Calm before the Storm

Womens fitted T shirt above – Created as PR with a Ltd edition offered for sale
Ltd edition socks below – also produced specifically for the event

and the  JM credit

TM socks




TM truck dia

 TM Promo Truck – Side panel layout above
Perspective side shot of truck below


TM 36 truck

Promotional Bus application



Vibrations image

Complete Vibrations Image – from which the various crops & templates are taken



Den Sorte Skole – Live performance video created with overlaid branding for pr purposes



JM Animation – projected on multiple screens behind a DJ in between live sets, above & below


TM extra



Mail Attachment copy

The branding was everywhere this year – even appearing at football matches!